All About Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?  

Injectable butt lifts are done as an elective cosmetic procedureto add volume, curve, and shape to your buttocks using dermal fillers like Sculptra or Radiesse and PDO threads. It’s a Non-Surgicalprocedure. These Fillers or PDO threads or a combination of two (Filler + PDO threads) work to restore a youthful skin structure from within while boosting skin elasticity.

Why Brazilian Butt Lift? 

An injectable butt lift procedure can be more convenient than a butt implant procedure which is more invasive with possible complications, and has less downtime for recovery and lower risk of serious complications.

Type of Injectables 

There are a few different types of injectable butt lifts, including Sculptra or Radiesse. Sculptra or Radiesse, butt lifts are the only truly nonsurgical butt lift procedures available. PDO threads can be added to the fillers to get a more lift. The type of procedure that you get will depend on your desired outcome as well as the advice of your cosmetic advisor. 

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for an injectable butt lift is in overall good health, without a history of bleeding disorder, is not on blood thinners or has other health conditions that can make cosmetic procedures riskier. If you’re looking to contour other parts of your body and have fat for example in your abdominal area that can be grafted into your butt, you may want to consider a surgical butt lift. But, If your body fat percentage is already low, a non-surgical dermal filler plus or minus PDO thread procedure, butt lift may be a better option.

​How does an injectable butt lift work?

An injectable butt lift involves injecting filler into your body to restore and contour the shape of your butt. It works differently depending on what type of filler you get. This acid is what is known as a biostimulator, meaning it encourages collagen production. If effective, it will give your butt a fuller, curvier look over time. The PDO threads gives some lift to the butt as well as when they dissolve over months new collagen forms giving the butt a lift.


Results will vary. If you get dermal fillers, such as Sculptra, it will take several months for your results to settle and for the injections to take their full effect, Radiesse is a faster working filler that you may see more immediate results. You may also need several treatments spaced out weeks or months apart to get a noticeable improvement. Results from filler butt lift aren’t permanent. Some people see results that last 2 to 3 years. Some of the benefits is increase volume, diminish hip dips, and correct your shape.


The average cost of an injectable butt lift depends on the type of treatment you choose. Using dermal fillers such as Sculptra or Radiesse will cost between $3,000 and $7,000 depending on the desired volume. We have flexible payment plans with low monthly payments for qualified clients through Cherry Financing. Our Office guarantees best price! Call Us for Free Consultation at 570-323-3106 .